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What and where?

Adventure trips:

Discovery trips:

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How and when?
For whom?

It is for you as long as you love adventure, no matter how your canoeing is. Swimming, however, is a must for canoeists.

Please download our medical information sheet and waiver. Read them carefully and do not hesitate to ask me questions before you sign it. You must sign them before the trip begins.

Right click the links, and download the documents using Save Target As... from the menu:

Medical Information Sheet

*.doc 32K or *.pdf 50K


*.doc 32K or *.pdf 54K

With whom?

Trip leaders are professionals with many years of outdoor and canoeing experience. They are passionate woodspeople and naturalists who take care of you all the time. Yes, adventure and safety can go hand in hand.
Happy trails, Pawel W. Chmiel

How much?

A day trip starting from $40.00. A 3 day weekend trip starting from $300.00 per person, including basic equipment rental, food and transportation. Shorter trips cost proportionally less.

Please compare the prices in your local currency exchange