About Us

Our Mission

No matter where we take you or how we get there: paddling or hiking in summer, skiing or snowshoeing in winter, our goal is to empower you. After the trip, you will say, “Yes, I will do it again.  What a wonderful world!”

In the modern world, people value safety and rightly so. We want you to learn how to plan your trip, manage risk, and be ready to come up with solutions to  ever-changing situations. This is especially important if you move on water. That is why we provide a trip training approved by Ontario Recreational Kayaking and Canoeing Association (ORCKA).

What and where?

Adventure trips:

  • Historic routes of the French River
  • Pristine land of Temagami
  • Unique Killarney Park
  • Magnificent Algonquin Park

Discovery trips:

  • See hidden gems
  • Visit the First Nations and take part in their gatherings

Special Interest Trips:

  • Canada in a nutshell-Trips for language students: (EFL, ESL, ESD)  
  • See beyond the surface: naturalist paradise

How and when?

  • Canoeing, kayaking and cycling May through October
  • Backpacking all year round
  • Snowshoeing and skiing in winter
  • Going by car all year round

With whom?

I am an ORCKA certified Canoe Tripping Instructor, a teacher and a guide. My wife and I have many years of outdoor and canoeing experience. We are passionate woodspeople and nature lovers who take care of you all the time. Yes, adventure and safety can go hand in hand.
Happy trails,

Lidia and Pawel